WU’s international students: Liran Levy

Liran Levy

Liran Levy, a senior finance major, is from Tel Aviv, Israel. Levy said that something he has noticed about South Carolina is that it is home to some of the nicest people.

“Whenever you walk down the street, even if you do not know the person, they will still look at you ask ‘how are you?’” Levy said.

An interesting difference between Israel and the United States that Levy noted was that in the US citizens are innocent until proven guilty and in Israel it seems the reverse; citizens have to prove why they are not guilty.

Tel Aviv is notorious for its 24-7 city life and beautiful coast. Levy said that some of his favorite memories are from spending the day on the beach.

Allie Briggs

Allie is a former Arts and Culture Editor for The Johnsonian.

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