Leon Subonić

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Leon Subonić

Leon Subonić

Leon Subotić is a senior double majoring in accounting and management and is originally from Thessaloníki, Greece. Members of his family currently live in Ljubljana, Slovenia and many others are in parts of Croatia, Montenegro, and Lebanon.

Subotić said, “all of my relatives have lived in the same place, except for my parents because of my dad’s job.” Subotić’s dad works as a professional basketball coach.

“It was very easy for me to come here because I was already so used to moving around,” Subotić said.

He said that Winthrop was kind of like an American school that he went to in Greece because there are people from all around the world. Subotić said that making friends with so many different people from different backgrounds has helped shape his view of the world.

His world view has taught him to be more open-minded about change and encourages others to have an open-mind as well.

Some of Subotić’s favorite memories are going on vacation with his family in places like Croatia, Greece, Austria, and Italy. Also, he said that he, of course, misses his mother’s cooking, “she is a vegan, but she cooks meat. Her dishes are healthy, but very good.”



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