WU’s international students


Vanessa Kuissu is a senior integrated marketing communication major from Lille, France. Kuissu is a native of Douala, Cameron, the country’s economic capital. She came to France to continue her studies after her completion of the high school equivalent in Douala.

Kuissa said that education in Cameroon and France are both of very good quality, but she thinks that education in France is more catered towards the learning of students because professors are more engaged in the success of the students.

Kuissu had to adjust to the grading system in the United States with the use of letter grades because in France, marks are given from 0 to 10.

Differences that she has noticed between France, Cameroon and the United States are mostly the climate and the food. She said, “Everything in the US is so big,” but also that people in the US are more welcoming than other places she has been.

While in France, Kuissu said that she was on her own a lot and she had many opportunities to travel, which is one of her favorite things to do. She said that one of her goals is to see every state in the United States.



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