WU’s international students

 Majid Alasfoor
Majid Alasfoor

Majid Alasfoor is a graduate student studying finance and is from Al Qatif, Saudi Arabia. Alasfoor said that the major difference he has noticed between the United States and Saudi Arabia in general is culture. He said that education is a lot different between the two countries as

well as people’s view of the world. Alasfoor noticed that people in South Carolina are especially open to listening an understanding, especially if it is about something they may now know that much about.

Fishing on the coast of Al Qatif is one of Alasfoor’s’ favorite things to do at home. He also likes to play soccer with his friends and barbeque on the beach.

Allie Briggs

Allie is a former Arts and Culture Editor for The Johnsonian.

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