WTF! Welcome the French

WTF: Welcome the French

The Mass Communication department and its student advisory board hosted “WTF! Welcome the French” last Tuesday in Johnson. Thibaut Taquet, from Montpellier, France and member of the student advisory board, estimated that about 15-20 new French students came to the event.

International students and American students mingled over pizza, fruit, music, and a raffle. Two of the new French students, Clementine and Nias, both junior Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) majors said that they noticed a difference in classroom dynamics between American education and French education. They said that they were not used to having a syllabus and were trying to adjust to following the semester long schedule that it lays out.

Taquet said that French schools usually do not have the same amenities like American schools, like the West Center or the DiGeorgio Center. “Its more of a working environment because we go to school from 9 a.m. to about 5 p.m. instead of having maybe two classes a day,” Taquet said.  Also in France, each discipline has it own building, which is a lot different than American universities that offer a variety of disciplines within a single campus.



Allie Briggs

Allie is a former Arts and Culture Editor for The Johnsonian.