Winthrop’s international students

Alizeé Lesénéchal
Alizeé Lesénéchal

Alizeé Lesénéchal is a senior integrated marketing communication major from Paris, France. Some of her favorite things to do in Paris are to go to the parks, art exhibitions, the cinema and just walk the streets of Paris. Lesénéchal enjoys the architecture throughout the streets of Paris.

Lesénéchal said that she has noticed a difference in the food between Paris and southern food. She said that there is a lot of variety of food in Paris, especially of cheeses. Goat cheese is her favorite.

Lesénéchal said that people in Paris are always very busy and stressed and that people in the South like to take their time and enjoy themselves.

Allie Briggs

Allie is a former Arts and Culture Editor for The Johnsonian.

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