Winthrop administration should have alerted students about corpse on campus

Campus Police
Winthrop administration didn’t alert students to the discovery of a dead body on Winthrop campus. Photo by Adarrell Gadsden •

On Sunday Nov. 7, 2013, the body of a Rock Hill man was found on the outskirts of the Winthrop University campus, near Cherry Road behind Lee Wicker Residence Hall. The man was  not a Winthrop University student, and is reported to have died of natural causes after collapsing. While many Winthrop students learned about the discovery of the body through text messages and pictures from friends, Winthrop administration did not relay any message to students about the discovery of the body.

While there isn’t much that administration could have done, alerting students later on in the day once the body was removed seems as if it would have been the more proper course of action. Students sent around pictures of medics, firefighters and police officers working over the body. This means that students did see the body, and for some, seeing a dead body is quite a traumatic experience. If someone did see or stumble upon the body, knowing that there is somewhere they can go to talk about what they saw is important. When the administration elected not to alert students that this happened, students relied on information from friends who weren’t completely sure of what happened.

Winthrop has set in place the WU alert system, a system that alerts students via text and through phone calls of happenings on campus or around the campus 365 days a year, such as crimes that have happened on and around the vicinity of the Winthrop campus. Sending out an email under priority or through the WU alert system after the body was removed would have allowed students to receive accurate information on what happened just outside of Lee Wicker Sunday morning.

Winthrop administration chose not to alert students for certain reasons unknown at this time about the discovery of the body on it’s campus. It is known that Winthrop campus police assisted Rock Hill Police in securing the area and removal of the body from the campus, so it seems that information should have been made more readily available to students. If students do want more information on the situation, they should contact Winthrop University police.

Adarrell Gadsden

Adarrell is a Sports Editor for The Johnsonian. He got his start as a staff writer before taking the job of Co-Science and Technology Editor. He later served as Opinion Editor and Managing Editor before taking on as the Editor-in-Chief for the 2014-2015 academic year.

2 thoughts on “Winthrop administration should have alerted students about corpse on campus

  • November 23, 2013 at 1:57 am

    How insensitive! Corpse, I can think of a much better way to describe a poor individual, PERSON, family member, loved one, father, brother, SON, than CORPSE! Give me a break, are Americas youth really that out of touch, manner-less, cold hearted, and insensitive? How embarrassing! Winthrop should be ashamed of you ADARRELL! My family and I happened to be driving by when sheets were being held up and the first responders were trying to revive this poor man. Winthrop, if Addarell represents your callous opinions then count me amongst the crowd that is truly disgusted by the way journalism is going. You’d think you we’re writing for the sun or the enquirer! Shame on you!

    • November 29, 2013 at 3:37 pm

      Yeah, the word corpse was kinda insensitive, but I think the article does a great job of portraying how confused and concerned students were. We spent the whole day wondering what had happened, hoping it wasn’t one of our friends that had passed. We waited for an email or WU Alert to finally tell us what happened, but never got one. The rumors began to fly causing an unnecessary panic among students. If anything, journalism should be proud of Adarrell for daring to call his superiors out. Everyone makes mistakes and you’d think those who live in glass houses would remember that. Are the youth of today supposed to learn the way to confront someone who has upset you is to yell and publicly defame them? Here’s to being forgiving and learning to move forward.

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