Will you hate me?

By Sarah Khaldi.

The concept of Hater Inc. is simple: matching people based on what they both hate. First, like other dating apps, one creates an account and sets preferences. Then the game begins and they can indicate, picking among the choices proposed by the app, what they hate, dislike, like and love. After a few swipes, the app enables them to match people and indicates the percentage of matching answers they have with the person.

Once both people are matched, they can decide whether to begin to chat or ask a question generated by the app. Both people have to answer, and the answer of the other is revealed after both answer the question. It is a good conversation starter and saves one from that awkward “Hey, how are you?”

The app was launched on Feb. 8, just before Valentine’s Day, and maybe it did not provide me a Prince Charming, but I totally fell for the concept.

Nowadays it feels like we are trapped between Tinder, more commonly referred to as “the dating dollar store,” or cheesy and stressful traditional dating. It seems like we are missing a place for people who just want some casual dating over a coffee for a great conversation and a real good time.This app answers to this need.

Finally people have a place to bond over hating and humor, which can be delightful. It would at least be original in 40 years to tell our grandchildren that we did not meet on Tinder but instead were charmed by the way he or she answered this question: “Before we meet I legally have to tell you that I’m addicted to….”

They made a lot of inappropriate jokes and hated each other after.

The app is unfortunately only available on the App Store for now.