Upcoming science and tech cultural events

Global Warming: Too Much or Too Little Water

The Environmental Program presents Too Much or Too Little Water on a Warming Earth, a lecture in three parts by Winthrop faculty members.

Dr. Marsha Bollinger, the chair of the Environmental Program and Interdicipinlary studies, is in charge of the event.

Dr. Janice Chism, Director of Graduate Studies in Biology, will speak about flooding and climate change in Peru, and also what this means for the future and present.

Dr. Matthew Heard, Assistant Professor, will speak about heavier rainfalls and how that will affect public health.

Mr. Bryan McFadden, Instructor of Geography, will speak about monitoring changes in climate.

“No matter where [students] are in the world, it will affect them,” Bollinger said.

This event will take place on Valentine’s Day from 11 am- 12pm in Owens Hall G01.

ACM speaker comes to Winthrop

On Feb. 20, a speaker from the National Association from Computing Machinery’s Distinguished Speaker Program, Dr. Barbara Simons will be speaking at Winthrop in Whitton Auditorium at 12:30 p.m.

Dr. Simons will be talking about issues regarding current and future electronic voting.

She has been researching and has been published on this issue for the past decade.

This is a free cultural event. It should last appromixately an hour and 15 minutes. For more information about this event call ext. 2691.



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