Taste of the World-2 Color

Students gain world appreciation

Students perform at the Taste of the World event. Photos by Jacob Hallex • hallexj@mytjnow.com

Students gathered in Dina’s Place on Monday night to learn more about other cultures.

Taste of the World showcased fashion, dance, poetry, music and a short theater performance by international students.

Annie-Laurie Wheat, theater professor, helped to plan the event. Wheat thinks students should broaden their horizons by learning about other cultures.

“It’s important so students can appreciate what the rest of the world has to offer. Here they get to see a glimpse of what a part of other cultures might be like,” said Wheat.

The event began with a fashion show. Students from Saudi Arabia, China and Taiwan wore clothing traditional to their country.

Next there was a beat box/rap performance. The song was rapped in Portuguese and the crowd enjoyed it despite the language barrier. As the song came to an end the audience erupted in a loud applause.

This act was followed by a piano performance.  Scenes from the Tiwanese movie, “Secret,” played on a screen with subtitles. While this was showing, a student played an interpretation on the piano.

More students came out and no one knew what they were doing at first, but then they broke into the Gangnam Style dance. It started out with a piano version of the song but then the actual song was played.

The students performing the dance went out to the audience and pulled people up to join them in the dance.

Some students were reluctant to get up and do Gangnam Style in front of the crowd but most had fun with it.

The dance was followed by the French song, “Comme Elle Vient,” played on guitar and piano.  Poetry was then recited by students from Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe.

Then students danced a traditional Ghanaian dance, Azonto. They also pulled students from the audience and taught them the dance.

A version of Humpty Dumpty was performed, titled “Humpty Dumpty-Reloaded.” It was a comedy and the audience enjoyed a few good laughs.

The event ended with a Brazilian dance medley. Once again students were pulled from the crowd.

The audience was active throughout the whole event, seeming to enjoy it. Jamal Tate, junior exercise science major, said that next time he might do something different.

“I might sit closer to the front, so I can get pulled on stage,” said Tate.

Vivek Patel, senior biology major, says this event was one of the best Taste of the World events yet.

“I think it was good. I’ve been going to Taste of the World since I’ve been here and this is the best so far,” said Patel.

Mohammad Kashkari, freshman computer science major, likes that students came out to learn more about the other cultures.

“When I talk to someone and they don’t know anything about my country, it’s not a good feeling,” said

Taste of the World was a way for students to learn about other countries and have fun.



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