Student entrepreneurs

Thrill seeker and entrepreneur, Winthrop student Julie Hansard advocates for her brand BANGS Shoes.

Being a college entrepreneur is on the rise for many college students. Whether it be selling the latest makeup trend or introducing one of the newest styles that the campus has yet to see, entrepreneurship is taking over.

As an entrepreneur herself, Julie Hansard, an art major at Winthrop, says that her company BANGS Shoes offers endless opportunities for students to come together and help others find adventure.

“The brand name ‘BANGS’ means help in Mandarin. Our slogan (is) ‘Your adventure helps others find theirs,” Hansard said.

By helping others seek out adventure, BANGS and Hansard help entrepreneurs make an impact in the lives of those seeking a thrill.

Hansard said that “BANGS brings the opportunity for adventurers to come together and share what they love. Through meet ups, group messages, penal campaigns and more, BANGS encourages people to live ou kindness and support for all people.”

Shipping their first pair of shoes in October 2012, BANGS has shown Hansard the importance of making connections.

“Through my own adventures of painting and exploring new places, I hope to inspire people to find their own adventures. BANGS is all about community, making connections and inspiring people to adventure and do what they love,” Hansard said. “I have gotten to meet so many amazing people through this company and it’s ambassador program. This organization could form relationships between people that might not have gotten to know each other otherwise.”

This business is built to invest 20 percent of their net profits to entrepreneurs around the world. Meaning, “each month, we hand-self entrepreneurs to help people start their own businesses. We partner with an amazing nonprofit organization called Kiva.”

One of the 600 entrepreneurs for BANGS shoes, Hansard says that she hopes to show that adventure is attainable even without a large budget.

“The aim is to show adventure is attainable by all and you don’t need huge budgets, massive amounts of time and loads of technical gear to have a good time,” Hansard said.

Entrepreneurs, adventurer and a committed helper, Hansard encourages the Winthrop community to get involved by applying to the brand ambassador program. Applications are due April 24 and for more information, visit