musicians at farmers market

Student Dietetic Association hosts on-campus Farmer’s Market

musicians at farmers market

Zach Lemhouse performs music at the Farmer’s Market on the DiGiorgio Center Campus Green Tuesday. • Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Funderburk

On a sunny day with relaxing music played by Zach Lemhouse, a social studies major, York County vendors came out to offer their fresh and organic produce and homemade products such as pumpkins, radishes, cupcakes, French mousse, jelly, coffee and bubble tea.

On Tuesday, the Student Dietetic Association hosted a farmer’s market on the DiGiorgio Campus Center Green. 50 percent of the proceeds went to local charity Project H.O.P.E. (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere).

The Student Dietetic Association is mostly made up of nutrition majors, although anyone can join. Their goal is to further stimulate their desires in the profession of dietetics and related matters.

“The Farmer’s Market was a great opportunity to expose Winthrop students to fresh, organically-made produce, handmade/homemade food items and D.I.Y. crafts that are usually seen in larger community markets,” said Caitlin Graft, gardener and Farmer’s Market chair, who started and came up with the event.

Ruthie Hiott, the Student Dietetic Association president, has been in the forefront of getting the members and students more involved on campus activities. This summer, the Farmer’s Market began a plot at the Winthrop community garden with all organic produce and came up with the idea to have a produce stand on campus.

Graft was so amused with how the event went and how this organization, being the first of its kind, opened the door for other student organizations to come out and offer their organically handmade/homemade products.

“The best part about it—50 percent of everyone’s proceeds went to Project H.O.P.E. along with our left over produce,” Graft said.

The Farmer’s Market, led by the Student Dietetic Association, widened their gate for other student organizations to go for the goal in which they have been striving for.

“We wanted to bring fresh, local, organic food to other students and then get other organizations involved in order to showcase other students’ talents” Graft said.

Students find this event to be a really good idea where they can support their clubs and give a helping hand to the needy. “Next time I will bake more kinds of organic foods so even more people will like them and buy them,” Adam Yarborough said.

Students hope to be given more opportunities like that to raise money for their clubs and donate to local charity. “It is a good way to raise money for our club and charity. I hope there is another one coming soon, ” Dionne Rudolf said.



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