Staff assembly to become a reality for Winthrop University

The executive committee of the board of trustees met Wednesday morning to discuss the increasing participation of the staff in Winthrop’s affairs.

Faculty will have the option to vote on the type of governing staff assembly they would like. Voting is open from now until Dec. 13, 2013, at 5 p.m.

There are two types of models discussed in the meeting, and because of the discussion, a third model was proposed that is a mixture of the two models.

Discussion revolved around how representatives would be chosen  and the level of the participation for the non-voting staff of the staff assembly.

After the votes have been counted, there will be another meeting in January to discuss finer details about the staff assembly.

To vote, visit,  For any questions concerning voting, email,

Not only is a staff assembly being created, but the the faculty conference has approved a new bylaw that will allow them to address their grievances to the Board of trustees along with the president.

The wording that was approved by the faculty conference recently of section 3 states “The faculty conference shall be the principal legislative body of the faculty. All actions of the Faculty Conference shall be subject to review by the President of the University. If the president cannot support the actions taken by the Faculty Conferency, the President shall communicate the reasons for this lack of support to the faculty within thirty days. By a two-thirds vote of a quorum, the Faculty Conference may appeal the Presdient’s disapproval to the Board of Trustees.”



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