Sony Announces PS4, Launches into Next Generation

The next generation of video game consoles are coming, and you could possibly be getting your hands on one sooner than you may have expected. Sony announced February 20 at an event in New York City that their new console would indeed be known as the Playstation 4, and it will be coming this holiday season.

A price tag for the console, formally codenamed “Orbis,” is yet to be deterimined but experts predict a launch price of around $450.

While the console itself was not revealed, the new controller was.  The DualShock 4 controller will feature a touch pad (similar to what’s found in the PS Vita), as well as a “share” button. The said button seems to be the biggest innovation of the controller, and allows users to capture game footage or screenshots and upload them to social media on the fly.

Interaction in a social outlet seemed to be Sony’s gameplan for this conference, as improvements and innovations to the Playstation Network took up a good chunk of the conference.

Improvements in chat settings, and innovations such as letting a friend take control of your game in order to get you out of a sticky situation were among many things that were announced.

The console could not be complete without games, and Sony gave fans an idea of what to expect on their console.  Exclusives such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son were announced, as well as an intriguing puzzle idea known as The Witness and team-based racer Driveclub.  Bungie also made an appearance, announcing that their highly-anticipated project known as Destiny would be making its way to the PS4.  Blizzard also announced that Diablo III would be coming to PS4 and PS3, and Square Enix promised a new Final Fantasy was in the works for the new system.

In short, many are excited for the new generation of Playstation, and now all eyes  of the gaming world are on Microsoft as they attempt to bring the Xbox 360’s successor out in competition to Sony’s new machine.

Michael Owens

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