Scholars Walk gets a Harlem Shake

Students doing the Harlem Shake on Scholars Walk Photo by Claire VonOstenbridge •

Students doing the Harlem Shake on Scholars Walk
Photo by Claire VonOstenbridge •

Winthrop’s students have been known to do some pretty quirky things and this event just adds to that list. A group of students gathered in front of Owens Hall last Thursday to participate in the latest YouTube sensation known as “The Harlem Shake.”

The growing trend consists of thirty-second videos, with the first half showing only one person dancing and the latter half showing a group of people participating in wacky behavior as well as various recent dance trends.  The event was thought up by those in charge of the Winthrop Memes Facebook page (which basically post funny pictures about events happenings around campus), and was a rousing success.

Edward Granger, junior digital information design major and administrator for the “Winthrop Memes” page on Facebook, commented on the gathering saying that, “I think Winthrop can be a sleepy and apathetic campus sometimes, and it was good to see everyone gathered looking happy and jumping around.”  Granger also commented on the positive use of social media outlets in order to share the recordings of the event with friends, saying that it’s good to see Winthrop being promoted in a positive way on the Internet and also noted that the turnout was as good as he could have hoped.

Source: By Michael Owens

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