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Dr. Matthew Fike

Dr. Matthew Fike

In addition to being an English professor at Winthrop University, Dr. Matthew Fike is a published writer and book reviewer.

In his free time, Fike enjoys writing reviews on several pieces of literary criticism and parapsychology. In his opinion, one of his better reviews is his review of Thomas Campbell’s “My Big TOE: A Trilogy Unifying Philosophy, Physics, and Metaphysics.”

Fike is also a published writer with three books already under his belt. His third book “The One Mind: C.G. Jung and the future of literary criticism” was recently published in September.

“Most of it is from the last four years, but one part even goes back to the late 90s,” Fike said.

Fike’s love of English can be attributed to his father, an English professor. Fike said that he grew up with thousands of books and magazines around the house.

Fike spent a good bit of his lifetime in the North while working towards his degrees. For undergraduate school, Fike attended Hope College in Holland, Mich. and later graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in English. He also obtained his Master’s degree and completed his Ph.D. at Michigan.

Before settling down at Winthrop, Fike held a few short-term jobs, and later traveled overseas to teach at the American University in Bulgaria, where he stayed for nine years. He has been a professor at Winthrop University since August of 1990, teaching courses such as HMXP, CRTW and English 300, as well as several graduate courses in British Renaissance Literature.

“It is fairly typical for people starting out,” Fike said. “They build up experience at other places and then find a place to stay for quite a while.”

Fike said Winthrop has a great graduate program for English majors.“There is a lot of individual attention. The program is rigorous, yet personal and personalized,” Fike said.

Fike went on to explain his love for Winthrop and talked highly of the English Department, saying that he feels Winthrop fits him very well.

“We have a nice department, which is unusual for most departments of English,” Fike said. “A typical department doesn’t operate as smoothly as ours. It’s a pleasant environment to work in.”




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