Professor of the Week — Aimee Meader

Aimee Meader

Aimee Meader

Aimee Meader certainly is well-rounded. She is a make-up artist at Clinique, an aerobics instructor and now a mass communication instructor at Winthrop University.

A native of California, Meader is Winthrop’s newest addition to the mass communication department.  Meader obtained her undergraduate degree and Master’s degree in mass communication. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in journalism at the University of Texas, School of Journalism. She is writing her graduate thesis about “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart.

“When we were doing our search, we were looking for someone with broadcast experience, preferably more broadcast writing than production experience,” Dr. Mark Nortz, mass communication professor, said.  “We were looking for somebody that had multimedia experience that understood what multimedia was.”

Nortz works closely with the mass communication department here at Winthrop in regards to hiring new instructors and professors.

“As far as credential-wise, she met the criteria, and as far as what we needed in the classroom and what we wanted our students to get, she could offer that,” Nortz said.

Meader said she really liked Winthrop’s emphasis on the students.

“I’m here because it shows my commitment to my students,” Meader said. “At most schools, they do not usually focus on being so available and open with students, but Winthrop does offer that support, so it is refreshing.”

Meader has been an intern at KUSI News in San Diego, Calif., where she was a writer and producer. Meader was also a magazine editor and has a dance background. Meader has been an aerobics instructor for 16 years.

Meader’s pet peeves include chewing with your mouth open, not being able to take a compliment if she gives one to you and not smiling back at her.

“While I don’t think that anyone owes me a smile, a nod or some similar gesture of acknowledgement would be nice,” Meader said.

Meader mentioned that the biggest difference she has noticed in the West Coast and the East Coast is that people here are a lot friendlier, so hopefully she does not have a problem with getting people to smile back at her.




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