Breaking and Entering (Auto)

Around 7:30 p.m., Winthrop police were alerted of a car break-in at the Student Activity Center.  The victim, a 23-year-old female, advised that she had been at class in Withers.

According to the police report, she stated that she locked her door before going to class. However, the driver side lock  malfunctions and unlocks itself at times.  When returning to her vehicle, the victim spotted a male wearing a gray hoodie in the driver seat of her vehicle.

The report says the victim then yelled at the unidentified suspect to see what he was doing.The subject then ran towards Charlotte Ave.

The police report goes on to say that both the victim and officer inspected the vehicle for damages and missing items but were unable to notice anything out of the ordinary.

Operating Uninsured Vehicle

According to police reports, three students of Clinton Junior College were pulled over on the intersection of Stewart and Ebenezer Aves. after the driver failed to stop for the red light.

According to the police report, a strong odor of marijuana was noticed coming from the vehicle when they were pulled over.  The officer made all subjects exit the vehicle to conduct a search on probable cause.

According to the report, the search turned up small traces of marijuana as well as a black BB gun under the passenger seat and a loaded handgun in the glove box.  The driver of the vehicle, a 19-year-old male, told the officers that they had been coming from the Winthrop basketball game.

According to the report, the dispatch officer then alerted the reporting officer of the unpaid insurance stop on the vehicle from Nov. 2012.

The report says the officer placed the driver under arrest for driving an uninsured car and seized the estimated $200 handgun since the subject advised it did not belong to him and he had found it.  The car was towed and the driver was placed in the Rock Hill City Jail. All passengers were trespassed from Winthrop property for a year.

Possession (Marijuana)

According to the police report, around 8 p.m. an officer was dispatched to Richardson Hall to respond to the odor of marijuana coming from an upper floor in the complex.

According to the report, the officer was able to locate the source of the odor coming from one of the student resident’s rooms.  The subject belonging to the room, an 18-year-old male, advised the officer that there was indeed marijuana inside a water bottle on one of the desks.  The officer retrieved the bottle holding two marijuana cigars inside alongside a marijuana grinder lying beside it.

According to the report, the logged evidence was a combined 2.2 grams of marijuana at an estimated amount of $20.  After seizing the marijuana, the officer received permission from the resident to search the room, but nothing more was found.

According to the report, two other male students in the room at the time of the search advised the officer that the marijuana belonged to both of them.

The two were issued citations and short form released for the possession of marijuana, according to the report.

All three subjects are being referred to the Winthrop judicial system for being in possession on school grounds.  A joint court date has been scheduled for early next month for the two males in possession.