One world vs. us

Recycling and sustainability are extremely important.  We only have one earth, so we need to take care of it.  Winthrop hosts many recycling/sustainability events and Winthrop students -faculty should take advantage of these events.  We have all heard the importance of recycling since, for students who are my age, we were little.

But we should not throw this message away.  We must take heed! Listen to the Lorax and his message of “unless.” We need to take care of our earth. If we do not, how can we expect it to take care of us?  There is only so much  water, land, and oil.  So we have to be resourceful and use our resources sparingly.

As we learned in chemistry and biology, all the elements are “recycled.” Nothing is destroyed and nothing is created.  Every element is just recycled through different forms.  The earth recycles, so why shouldn’t we?

We need to follow Mother Nature’s example and recycle.  We are slowly trashing earth with landfills of our wastefulness, and even recyclable items.

The earth is owned by nobody in particular, but by all of us, and we have to do our best to save our resources such as oil, land and water.  We have to think of the future generations, and make sure they have enough resources.

To those who recycle and help the environment, I applaud you.  You deserve a standing ovation.  To those who do not, do better.



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