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National French Week brings cultural celebrations

Two members of the French Club posed with with a French book, a scarf and a French painting in the background. Photo courtesy of Cecile Leung

Students in the French Club celebrated National French Week by bringing French culture and art to Winthrop students in the Digs concourse Tuesday afternoon.

Necie Wolfe, sophomore music education major and president of Winthrop’s French Club said National French Week is celebrated by high schools and universities across the United States.

“We’re sharing French culture to students,” said Wolfe.

Tables were set up showcasing books and comic books including a “Garfield” book in the French language. Posters adorned the tables,w showing different countries around the world that speak French aside from France. Students were able to sample candy and snacks while speaking to professors and students from the French Club.

Wolfe, while she doesn’t speak much French herself, encourages students to attend French Club meetings or at least learn another foreign language.

“I listen to the French students in the club speak mostly,” Wolfe said.

Vice president of the French Club, Alyssa Sinicropi, said that the best thing about National French Week is “experiencing another culture.”

The sophomore international business major has been to France before and said that the representation of French culture displayed in Digs was a pretty accurate representation.

“[National French Week] helps students understand the difference in people,” Thomas Shealy, French professor said.

“It also encourages students to travel and make friends in other places,” said Shealy.

Shealy began teaching French at Winthrop in 1962 when he was just 27-years-old.  He has since then retired but remained at Winthrop to teach one basic level French class a semester. Shealy has visited France at least 15 times.

“It gives me an opportunity to stay acquainted with students,” said Shealy.



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