NAACP hosts Zumba to promote health

Winthrop’s chapter of the NAACP teamed up with the Student Wellness Advocacy Team to host an event titled Moving is Power, which promoted health and wellness during Black History Month.

The NAACP hosted a number of events throughout the month, but wanted to host an event that targeted health because they felt that physical wellness is often overlooked. Since heart disease is the number one cause of death in African Americans in the United States, the group had even more reason to target this area.

“It is Black History Month and as an organization based on the advancement of minority causes, we feel it is important for our organization to hold a program to better the health of our communities,” said Alexandria Savage-Davis, chair of Events and Programming.

The Student Wellness Advocacy Team provided the event with a speaker to educate the crowd about heart disease and solutions to keep their hearts healthy.

The NAACP and Student Wellness Advocacy Team instructed the students through Zumba, because it provided students with an effective way to get cardio in while having a good time. The Zumba lessons were lead by junior Amberlyn Jones, because they felt that her high energy would keep the crowd engaged and enthusiastic.

Savage-Davis feels that the events promoting wellness do the community good, because it is often difficult to stay healthy especially as college students.

“Eating right and exercising are major challenges for the African American community, and in college it can be even more challenging to eat well and exercise often,” Savage-Davis said. “That’s why my fellow student athletes and I on the board are working with different people across the campus to come up with creative ways to get students active and healthier overall.”

Savage-Davis hopes that the students who attended this event left with a greater knowledge about their health and will continue to work towards living a healthier life. Savage-Davis also hopes that Moving is Power will become a recurring event to further spread the message of health and wellness.

Casey White

Casey is a former Science & Tech Editor for The Johnsonian. He graduated from Winthrop University in Fall 2014. He currently a reporter at The Shelby Star in Shelby, NC.

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