Mission Statement

Serving Winthrop University students, faculty and staff through clear, truthful and fair reporting is the duty of The Johnsonian staff. We understand that words are powerful: They can help people but also destroy lives. Thereby, we will be careful and responsible when using our First Amendment freedom.

Being one of the best college newspapers in South Carolina, The Johnsonian aims to keep excelling in informing the Winthrop community. Through our reporting, we shall ensure that the public’s business is conducted in public. We shall also give our readers the tools to make judgments on current issues.

We will report and comment on any issue of legitimate public interest such as controversies and scandals. These, however, will not be the only news. We shall also cover improvements and achievements. Our stories shall picture our university fully, fairly and accurately. They shall also reflect the diversity of our campus community.

Because pictures are just as essential to our newspaper as the written material, they shall be treated as such. They shall help us tell a story (or even tell the story). Like our reporting, they shall be true, fair and accurate.

Because The Johnsonian is a weekly paper, we may not have the chance to break a story in print even though we will try to provide a fresh angle to tell that story. Our Web site, however, will be the channel to present breaking news as it happens. We aim to be the first to tell our readers about issues that affect them while still being truthful, fair and accurate. The same ethical conduct valid for our print version shall be applied for our Web site.

We shall be fearless when writing editorials, especially when exposing and criticizing wrongdoings. Editorials shall serve to not only criticize wrongdoings but also endorse candidates and praise achievements. They shall always be based on true and accurate information.

The personal agenda or bias of our staff members shall never dictate our news reports or editorial decisions. Even though advertising is vital for us, it shall never influence our news. We will give our advertisers special attention and treat them kindly. We understand that people do business with people, not with other businesses. We shall always remember, however, that we will never sell our independence or our integrity.

Being a student-managed publication, The Johnsonian gives an opportunity for students regardless of their major to learn and apply journalism skills. We also honor our readers’ First Amendment rights by publishing their opinion even if they want to criticize us. To keep improving and excelling, we need to humbly accept criticism.

About the Johnsonian

The Johnsonian is the weekly student newspaper of Winthrop University. It is published during fall and spring semesters with the exception of university holidays and exam periods. We have proudly served the Winthrop and Rock Hill community since 1923.

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