Meet WU’s international students

Ibrahim Almunive
Ibrahim Almunive

Ibrahim Almunive is a freshman computer information systems major from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Almunive has also lived in Cairo, Egypt for about three years.

Almunive said that one of his favorite memories from living in Riyadh is going camping every weekend with his friends from high school. He said that he loves camping because he loves to cook.

While living in Egypt, Almunive said that he enjoyed the simple things such as going on weekend trips with his parents to Alexandria, Egypt and just having lunch and getting coffee.

Almunive said that he decided to study in the United States because of the advice of his uncle who received a Ph.D. in Portland, Oregon.

“My uncle said that it is important to be here (the U.S.) and that the people are friendly,” Almunive said.

Something peculiar that Almunive has experienced in the United States these past two years is that “people can say ‘hi’ by just waving their head, not even waving.”

Almunive said that he is thinking about applying his degree in some form of law enforcement and is excited about what a major in computer information systems can bring him.

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