Library gets greener equipment

Pictured is the new touch screen scanner in Dacus Library.    Photo by Frances Parrish •
Pictured is the new touch screen scanner in Dacus Library. Photo by Frances Parrish •

The library has received two new state-of-the-art touch screen scanners for students and faculty use. The scanners have replaced the copiers as a greener option for students, according to Mark Herring, dean of library services.

The scanners are Xerox Book Center 7130. The scanners are located on the back side of the circulation desk.

Carrie Johnston, assistant professor of library systems, explained the functions of the scanner.

The scanner can scan documents into the students’ email, onto a smartphone, on Google Drive, a USB drive or to the black and white printer and color printer in the library.

“It’s very self-explanatory and easy to use,” Johnston said.

To scan a document on a smartphone, the QR code reader app is required. The document is embedded into the code and then sent to the phone. The scanners arrived over the holidays and the library has been working with IT to fix the bugs.

“We are really pleased with them,” Johnston said.

Johnston explained that there is a 25 page print quota limit when printing from the scanner. There is no charge to use the scanner, and the print charges are the same as printing from a computer. Herring explained that the scanners cost about $4,500 each.

“We wanted to give students a greener option with printing,” Herring said.

Herring explained that in 3 ½ months last semester, students had used up 40,000 copies during printing. There is no exact statistic but Herring has already noticed a decrease in printing quota since acquiring the scanners.  Herring said that trying to be greener is not always convenient, but “we are hoping this is not case here.”

There is a survey on the library’s website where students can give their feedback about the library and its services.

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