Lacrosse off to powerful beginnings

Marguerite Montanye and Logan McCarthy in action on the lacrosse field.  Photo by Synera Shelton •

Marguerite Montanye and Logan McCarthy in action on the lacrosse field. Photo by Synera Shelton •

Winthrop University women’s lacrosse team has started off their season at 2-2 with losses to the Naval Academy and St. Bonaventur this past Sunday.

When talking to head coach John Sung he focuses on learning from mistakes and using those them to help his team to better themselves as an entire unit.

The team also racked up impressive wins against Howard and Marquette during this early part of the season.

“I think the couple things we need to work on is team chemistry, we’re so young trying to figure out and understand how to play with one another,” Sung said. “We’ve broken the schedule down in to quarters and we got through the first quarter at .500 but we’d like to be 3-1 but we kind of let that last game slip away from us.”

This past Sunday in a nail biter at Manchester Meadows the team came up short to St. Bonaventur after rallying back at the end of the first half. The team then went up 13-10 late in the second half, before letting St. Bonaventur climb back in and take the lead with just 33 seconds left in the game.

“Every team needs their Kobe’s and Lebron’s, the guy who wants the ball at the end of the game. So we’ve put the challenge up to them to see who that person is that wants the ball,” Sung said.

While this coaching staff tries to mold and establish leaders, you see the talent is there in the likes of freshmen Claire Feeney, Camille King, Shannon Gallagher and sophomore Alyssa Blevins. In the teams two wins against Howard and Marquette the team showed off their talent by winning these games by a combined 20 goals.

“I think when you can win like that it sends a statement and when we are firing on all cylinders we are pretty powerful,” Sung said. “We learned as a coaching staff in the games against Navy and St. Bonaventure that our team needs certain displines.”

Next week the Eagles face off against three opponents with a home appearance against St. Francis University before traveling to Denver to face off against Denver University and Fresno State. Coach John Sung and his team try to approach these games as building blocks before going into conference play.

“Denver is an established program, I think it’s one of the games we circled on our calendar alongside the Navy game.

Denver is a measuring stick game for us to see if we have gotten better since Navy,” Sung said. “It’s gonna be tough going out to Denver the altitude is going to get you. It’s all a measuring stick though.”

After returning from Denver the team will go into conference play against Longwood. Sung very excited and believes his team cannot only play but also compete in the Big South Conference. The team won games against Big South foes Presbyterian College and Costal Carolina during preseason fall ball.

“Longwood is a big game for us, so getting a win for us there would be big,” Sung said. “We are in a very interesting predicament depending on whichever Winthrop team shows up we could be in 2nd or 4th it just all depends.”



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