International Student of the Week

Ylan Max Hazot

Ylan Max Hazot

Ylan Max Hazot, a senior integrated marketing communication major from France, came to Winthrop to improve his English and get a degree in his field in the U.S. to boost his potentials for his future jobs.

Hazot said that coming to the U.S. has given him a clearer vision of what he will do in the future. He added how inspiring it can be for students to travel to another country and meet people holding different mentalities and ways of life.

Hazot’s only problem in Rock Hill, just like many other international students, is the lack of public transportations in the area, making it hard for students to run errands, go shopping and explore the potentials that the state has to offer.

Moving to the U.S., in Hazot’s opinion, gives people a better insight of what is going on economically around the world.

“I think you are more aware about the world’s economic situation, and you can bring an international experience to people,” Hazot said.

Hazot is also fascinated by the way Americans show their eagerness and enthusiasm to international students, asking them various interesting questions about their home countries.

“Some of them are really interested by France or anywhere else because it is different from America and they are curious about lifestyle outside America,” Hazot said.

Since coming to the U.S., Hazot feels he has learned to appreciate his country.

“When I was in France, I just complained all the time about my country and the sociological problems inside,” Hazot said. “But since I’ve been here, I’ve become more patriotic.”

Hazot loves exploring different countries. He has been to Brazil, Spain, Italy, England, Croatia, Guadeloupe (a French Caribbean Island) and Israel. He is also planning to travel to Turkey and Japan.

Experiencing different foods in the U.S. was a culture shock for him. Hazot also thinks the education system in the U.S. is slightly different from France, especially the way the classes are offered.

“In France, we don’t have textbooks for studying, but we have longer classes, from two hours to sometimes four or five hours, and we don’t really have to study at home,” Hazot said. “Here you have to read your chapters and almost know the lesson before the class.”

What Hazot likes most about Winthrop is the West Center, especially his personal trainer Alex Ruppert.

“Winthrop’s West Center is so great and it is available for every student for free and that’s a huge privilege,” Hazot said. “It is a great opportunity that Winthrop gives to us, so every student should go there.”



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