International student of the week

Fabian Broich

Fabian Broich
Country: Germany

“Being far away from home let me grew up pretty quickly and formed my personality massively. Especially being around so many foreign people, who show all facets, makes living abroad to bean enormous experience,” said Fabian Broich, a sophomore psychology major from Germany.

Broich chose to study in America at Winthrop specifically because of the education system and its size. “Being able to follow soccer and receive an education is unique. I transferred from a Division Three school. Since Winthrop is a Division One program, it seemed a lot more of a competition to me,” Broich said.

Broich has been to a lot of European countries, such as France, Austria, Switzerland, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

Broich is one of the goalies for Winthrop’s men’s soccer team, and his hobbies are playing soccer, poker, watching movies and listening to music.

Broich said that he likes Winthrop’s campus and the U.S. so much, but he misses certain stuff back in Germany like food, especially bread and kebab.

The education system between Germany and the U.S. is interestingly different, according to Broich.

Broich said that general education is a part of classes you take in high school. When students go to high school, they just have to take classes required and related to their majors and concentrations without taking electives.

“If your major is biology, you just have to take biology classes,” Broich said.

Broich’s plan after graduation is to be able to play soccer in different parts of the world and start a charity company on his own.

Broich thinks that living abroad by yourself is the best opportunity to be independent and to grow more personality than never before.

“I recommend studying abroad; it doesn’t matter for how long because it is all about what you can make out of the time. It changed my life,” Broich said.

Facts about Germany:

Capital: Berlin

President: Joachim Gauck

Chancellor: Angela Merkel

Government: Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic

Population: 80,209,997

GDP: $3.325 trillion



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