International Student: Eduardo Minuci

Eduardo (Eddie) Minuci
Eduardo (Eddie) Minuci

Eduardo (Eddie) Minuci, Economic major, is from Franca, Brazil. Minuci said that the thing he misses most about Franca is the season of summer. During the summerin the United States Eddie visits his family in Franca, however it is winter during that time.

Eddie misses spending time on time on the beach in Franca playing beach soccer.

Some of the major difference he has noticed between South Carolina and Franca is that people require a lot less personal space in Franca. Additionally, in Brazil, families usually eat a larger portion during lunch and spend more time gathering over lunch than eating in the afternoon because students usually go to school in the evening.

Allie Briggs

Allie is a former Arts and Culture Editor for The Johnsonian.

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