From greek to grad

MJ Miller will experience the other side of fraternity and sorority affairs at Central Missouri

MJ Miller, a member of Winthrop’s Lambda Sigma chapter of Delta Zeta, will be continuing her fraternity and sorority experience in graduate school. Accepted to the University of Central Missouri, Miller will be serving as a graduate assistant in Fraternity and Sorority housing and the office of fraternity and sorority life, advising their interfraternity council.

Originally, Miller was not interested in fraternity and sorority life due to witnessing an atmosphere that she did not like at a university she lived near. At Winthrop, however, she found a much better experience.

“The moment I walked on campus at First-Look Friday, I saw a completely different    experience. One that valued and strived to uphold the values of sisterhood, scholarship, service, and citizenship.”

It was these values, as well as the ability to grow and have new experiences, that kept Miller engaged in fraternity and sorority affairs and inspired her to seek undergraduate work as an intern at the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values.

She did not stop there and sought to continue her involvement after graduation.

While transitioning from a student involved with fraternity and sorority affairs to someone guiding others, Miller hopes to provide growth and a safe space for students to make decisions and experience new things.

“As Fraternity and Sorority Life is constantly under scrutiny, it is the role of advisors to help and preserve the institution while continuing to help them grow and shape their communities to become and stay safe, positive places for students to join.”

Miller says her life at Winthrop gave her the skills and experiences necessary to succeed, and that the organizations she was a part of were a big part of her success.

As for current students, Miller says that Winthrop gave her the opportunity to grow, and she believes that everyone should take advantage of this opportunity.

“Also, don’t be afraid to take a leap out of your comfort zone. The community that currently surrounds you is there to help you to fly and catch you should you falter, take advantage of that.”