Where is The Johnsonian office?

Our office is located in DiGiorgio Campus Center Room 104 behind Dina’s Place.

How often is the paper published?

The Johnsonian is published once a week and is distributed on Wednesday’s.

Where can I find copies of the paper?

Students, faculty and staff can pick up copies of the paper in buildings such as the residence halls, the campus center, classroom buildings and the coliseum.

Why should I read The Johnsonian?

The Johnsonian is Winthrop’s weekly student newspaper. We strive to provide you — the students, faculty and staff — with the information you need to make important, informed decisions about current issues. What better way to be involved in your campus than to have a clear picture of what’s happening all over the campus?

Why are there sometimes mistakes in The Johnsonian?

The Johnsonian’s staff members are all full-time students. We work every week to bring readers accurate information, but sometimes mistakes happen. Copy editors get tired. Staff members may be working on an important paper one week. But we hope that when you do catch a mistake, you let us know.

Whom should I inform when I see a mistake in the paper?

You can e-mail editors@mytjnow.com if you find any mistakes in the paper.

How can I start working for the paper?

If you are interested in writing, photography or graphic design, you can come to our budget meetings on Sunday at 6 p.m. in our office — DiG’s 104. Enter through the doors closest to the West Center. Our office is to the left and has a sign above the glass doors that says “Student Publications.”

Whom should I contact when I have a story idea?

You can e-mail editors@mytjnow.com with your story ideas. We’ll make sure the right section editor takes your idea into consideration.

Where do the ads in the newspaper come from?

We have an ad sales team that works with both local and national clients. We are always looking for people to join our sales team and you make commission off every sale. In addition, individuals can place classified ads in our paper and on our web site. E-mail the ad team for more information.

What is the RMR newspaper I see with The Johnsonian once a month?

The RMR, Roddey MacMillian Record, is Winthrop’s monthly multicultural student newspaper. To save on printing costs, these two student publications are published together. We also share office space on campus, but each newspaper has its own staff.

 Have more questions? Let us know and we will get you an answer.