Ephricon is a Web Marketing firm in Fort Mill, SC. Founded by Jon Payne(right) they have hired many Winthrop students.

Ephricon embraces Winthrop University grads

Ephricon is a Web Marketing firm in Fort Mill, SC. Founded by Jon Payne(right) they have hired many Winthrop students.

Ephricon is a Web Marketing firm in Fort Mill, SC. Founded by Jon Payne(right) they have hired many Winthrop students.

Winthrop created the Digital Information Design (DIFD) major in 2007 in order to tailor the school’s curriculum to the dynamic and changing job markets that were offered by the rapidly developing digital marketplace.

Already many students are finding jobs with companies whose service barely existed 10 years ago.

Cameron Murphy and Michelle Rojas are both graduates of the DIFD major with their concentration being in digital commerce.

Ephricon Web Marketing is one of these brand-new companies, a web marketing firm that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing.

When a consumer uses a search engine, brilliant, complex algorithms that determine the most relevant search results for the user determine the results they receive. A website must be “optimized” in order to appear relevant to a search engine. Businesses can hire a SEO firm in order to boost their rankings on search engines, which in turn boost the leads/sales for their business. However, optimization is only half of the battle. Great content for the consumer is also very important; Ephricon helps companies turn whatever products they may feature into interesting articles, videos and infographics.

“I enjoy working at Ephricon due to the nature of the Internet Marketing Industry itself and because of the culture of the company,” said Rojas. “The Internet Marketing Industry is one that is fast paced and ever evolving.”

“I really enjoy what I do. As an Internet Marketing Associate at Ephricon you get down into the nitty-gritty, performing tasks that really influence the end-results and performance of the accounts you work on. It is a great feeling when a client’s business improves month over month and knowing (partially, at least) it is because of your efforts,” said Murphy. “As a former DIFD – digital commerce student the one thing I can say that prepared me the most for this job (and probably the same for any job in the digital marketing industry) were the hands-on projects and teamwork with others. When coming to a digital marketing agency such as Ephricon you must love what you do, want to help your client’s succeed and have the social aptitude to work alongside others.”

Both Rojas and Murphy hold the title of Internet Marketing Associate; they work under a campaign manager who handles a handful of client’s web marketing campaigns. Rojas is currently attending Winthrop for an MBA with a concentration in marketing. She believes that the MBA will help her continue her professional development in internet marketing by exposing her to management concepts and expanding her s knowledge of general marketing processes.

“Don’t settle for anything less than what you believe you’re worth,” Murphy advised to students. “Your first job is the foundation of your career; make it count and enjoy what you do.”

Along with full-time employment Ephricon also has offered internships to Winthrop students. Sarah Auvil, a DIFD mass communication major received an Ephricon internship last fall semester:

“During my internship at Ephricon, I was thrown into the professional web marketing world and helped create a site that produced visible results I can now show future employers. My ideas were taken seriously by my teammates; it wasn’t a ‘fetching coffee and running errands’ kind of internship. I learned how to use the WordPress to create compelling multimedia blog posts along with the nuts and bolts of SEO and inbound marketing. I conceptualized a storyboard and script for a creative video product review I filmed. I also was introduced to innovative PR, link building and guest posting strategies.

This agency not only empowers students to create productive work that converts with the strengths and ideas they already have, but also equips them with practical and much-sought-after SEO marketing knowledge. I got to work alongside and learn directly from developers, business entrepreneurs, SEO campaign managers, PR and marketing professionals. They were also extremely flexible and understanding about my busy full-time student schedule,” said Auvil.