DSU nominated as top 5 in nation

After being nominated more than 10 times as one of the top five campus activity board in the Unites States, the DiGiorgio Student Union is once again nominated by Campus Activities Magazine.

The magazine, which is distributed to every college campus in the nation with a programming board, focuses almost completely on entertainment and related programming options for the collegiate market.

As done every year, people vote for who they believe is the best entertainer of various categories and the agents and entertainers are granted the opportunity to vote for who think are the best programs board in the country.

“We go pick for one of the best program boards in the country,” said Boyd Jones, director of university programs at Winthrop. “I’m very honored that people around the country has voted Winthrop as one of the top five.”

Jones, who started his career at Winthrop in 1992, said that since his time on campus, he and the board have done everything they know to do to make sure people know about DSU. He said it makes him and the DSU members very proud to be nominated. He hopes that this nomination will get more acts to want to perform at Winthrop.

“I don’t know why people voted for us,” Jones said. “I’d like to think it’s because they think we do a good job.”

Having a large variety of acts perform each semester, Jones said they do “a little bit of everything” for a school the size of Winthrop.

The goal of DSU is to compliment and be an extension of the university’s overall mission, Jones said. He said many of the acts which perform for DSU only cost students five dollars, if anything. However, these same acts perform in Charlotte for up $20, Jones said.

I am just very happy that Winthrop is in the top five,” he said. “I’m sure that the other schools that are nominated are just as good.”

Boyd says he wants DSU to receive as many votes from the home base as possible.

“I think we have a pretty good base out there, Jones said.”

In order to vote for DSU as the top campus activity board in the United States, one must use a .edu email address and vote at http://www.campusactivitiesmagazine.com/awards.php. All individuals are only allowed to vote once.



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