CSL update

Council of Student Leaders announced plans for events for next  month at Winthrop.

CSL covered a wide range of programs from charity to documentaries that will be presented to students Monday night.

Student body President Kambrell Garvin called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and followed with a brief roll call where only four of the 33 representatives were absent from the gathering.

Following this, Christopher Allie of Student Allocations announced that a total of $34,127.20 had been allocated to student organizations. $2,916.60 was added to the previous allocations as of Feb. 22.

Leah Price stated that there are plans to tailgate the Lacrosse game. She also said that, “having learned from past mistakes, there will be more snack food at the tail-gate.” Leah went on to state that there would be games like ladder golf and corn hole.

Following the information regarding the tailgate, Nora Webb brought forth information regarding the Relay for Life for Winthrop Olympics. Webb enthusiastically brought forward the notion to present prizes to the teams who completed the relay. At the same time, she suggested that CSL get together and sell drinks and power-bars at the event to bring in profit.

Beyond this, CSL stated plans to present ‘Chasing Ice’ to the student body on March 20 and a cigarette awareness program on the same day.

Toward the end of the meeting, Amanda Daughter and Patrick Walsh were brought forward to prove that the charter for the Master of Business Administration Association should be passed. It was unanimously passed, giving the students of the Master’s program for a business networking group.

Garvin called the meeting to a close after a short question and answer session at 7:36 p.m.

Jacob Wingard

Jacob is a former editor at The Johnsonian. He graduated from Winthrop University in Fall 2015.

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