Comstock’s 100 days grace period ended Oct. 8

President Comstock’s first 100 days in office are up. In her first 100 days, she has accomplished many things, including impressing the faculty.

Dr. William Click, head of the mass communication department is impressed with how much Comstock has learned about the university in such a short time.

“I’m amazed at how many things she’s done and all of the people she’s met,” Click said.

Click has attended two of the town hall style meetings.

“It’s very useful to have everybody give both information and opinions. It was time well spent,” Click said about the town hall meetings.

He is not concerned with the 100 day benchmark.

“It doesn’t tell us much, because there is always long-term planning involved. It just makes for conversation,” Click said.

Dr. Jo Koster, professor of English is also impressed with everything Comstock has done in her first 100 days.

“The actual number doesn’t mean much. You would assume it would take a semester or two to learn everything about the school,” Koster said.

“I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen so far. She’s come out to all the colleges to talk to people and see how we work,” Koster said.

Koster explained that she liked the town hall style meetings because they are good for initial brainstorming ideas.

Dr. Karen Kedrowski, dean of colleges of arts and sciences, is positive about Comstock’s first 100 days.

“I’ve heard from faculty that they are excited and gratified that she is considering bringing back the appeal measures to the Board of Trustees,” Kedrowski said.

Faculty would have the opportunity to appeal grievances directly to the Board of Trustees.

Frances Parrish

Frances served as a staff writer, Science & Tech Editor, copy editor and Editor-in-Chief of The Johnsonian from Fall 2012-Spring 2014. Frances graduated from Winthrop University in Spring 2015.

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