College Republican turned county chairman

Former VP of the College Republicans at Winthrop, named the new chairman of the York County Republican Party

Cheyenne Walsh

Tyler Griffin, former vice president of the College Republicans at Winthrop, was named the new chairman of the York County republican party on April 8, 2017.

“I felt really humbled and grateful for the members of the party trusting me with that responsibility. I was also very excited to get to work and spread the party’s message to young people,” Griffin said.

As Griffin gets accustomed to his new position, his responsibilities include organizing the county party, organizing monthly meetings and communicating with the state party, among other things.

Griffin is looking forward to applying his knowledge from the Winthrop College Republicans into his new role as chairman.

Griffin’s focus will be getting young conservatives more involved with the county party. “I’m also going to communicate with some high schools in the county and try to get their young republican clubs to actually get involved in the county party,” Griffin said.

Although Griffin has only been chairman for a short period of time, he is prepared for what is to come.

“We’re going into the special election, so I’m hoping to see some good results with that and after that we got the governor’s race. That will be heating up by the end of this year with the primary for that. We’ll have the governor’s race then going all the way into 2018 and then before you know it, we’ll have the next GOP York County convention in 2019. So it’s just going to be really fast paced for the next two years but I’m looking forward to it,” he said.