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Homecoming brings talent to the university

The performers in the Winthrop Homecoming Talent show got the crowd hyped by dancing, singing, rapping and telling jokes. Every year Winthrop hosts a homecoming talent show where students showcase their talent. The students that participated in this...


Vegetarian society talks on-campus eating habits

The Vegetarian Society of Winthrop not only concerns itself with abstaining from meat in their diets but also focuses on improving oneself, bettering the environment and helping animals. The club works to educate students on the benefits of adopting...


Pianist gets standing ovation

Austrian-born pianist Walter Hautzig dazzled his audience with the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert and Frederic Chopin at the Friends of the Conservatory event Nov. 1. Hautzig is a 93-year-old musician that studied at the Vienna...