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50 years of Winthrop Theatre and Dance

Wigs, starch, harmonies and intriguing characters all can be found at the Winthrop University Department of Theater and Dance. Winthrop has been producing shows for over fifty years, and a lot has changed. The technology enabled the department to...

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Sculptures tell years of experience

Toilets, tongues, words and dirt are all displayed at the Lewandowski Student Gallery. Sculptures are a phenomenal way to showcase an image or idea by using a 3-D or 2-D format with mediums such as wood, metal, plaster and carving stone. The pieces...


Author says students’ actions have global impact

Timmerman revealed that his investigative adventures began when he decided to visit Honduras after realizing that one of his T-shirts was made there. In Honduras, he befriended a factory worker named Amilcar whose story deeply inspired his curiosity...