Board of Trustees sets Comstock’s agenda for year

The Board of Trustees approved new objectives for President Comstock in their meeting last Friday during executive session.

The board has put together six objectives for the president; leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, workforce focus/human resources, process management/continuous improvement and financial management.

 1. Within the leadership objective, Comstock has been asked to

• Publicly reaffirm that Winthrop is top ranked,

• To place Winthrop among the best of the contemporary high education institutions,

• To listen to the Winthrop community,

• Design a new vision to increase Winthrop’s name at the national level,

• Create a model to improve Winthrop’s performance by review of performance indicators,

• Find new revenue sources.

 2. Within the strategic planning objective, Comstock will

• Enhance Winthrop’s efficiency  in enrollment and management, and make changes in order to do so,

• Build a relationship with South Carolina Legislation to continue Winthrop’s higher education agenda,

• Determine if Winthrop should add a football program,

• To interpret and use the visioning process results to adapt to the changing needs of students,

• To increase revenue and enrollment,

• Implement Winthrop as a part of Knowledge Park.

3. In the third objective, Comstock will make sure Winthrop’s tuition is not increased while finding more funds for financial aid for students and support for veterans. She will also:

• Expand the York Tech Bridge Program,

• Review student retention rates to eliminate obstacles affecting graduation.

4. According to the fourth objective, Comstock has been asked to:

• Enter Winthrop in the Great Colleges To Work For Survey to improve the campus work environment

• To form a staff assembly.

5. According to the fifth objective, Comstock will improve Winthrop’s class scheduling in order to adhere to:

• Allow students to graduate earlier,

• Make Winthrop’s education more affordable.

6. In the final objective, Comstock has been asked to review Winthrop’s internal budget to:

• Ensure transparency, efficiency and accountability.



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