Biology major seeks to end cancer

Victoria Gray

Victoria Gray
Biology Major

Winthrop Student Victoria Gray is a sophomore biology and chemistry double major who just happens to be an active and involved member of the Winthrop community. Gray is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, as well as an undergraduate certified to tutor for the Academic Success Center.

With two majors, Gray has double the amount of work she must put forth.Within the chemistry department, Gray helps her professors and attends a chemistry 104 class to help freshmen and other undergraduates in need. Gray hopes to make as many connections at Winthrop as possible before going off to complete a graduate degree.

She hopes to achieve a Ph.D. and enter into cancer-related developmental research. Gray plans to join a pharmaceutical company and help develop new treatments and medication for those in need.

“Being a student of science at Winthrop requires long hours of studying. We spend many nights in the lab studying for practicals or studying at the nearest white board for a chemistry exam. It’s a great deal of work, but the passion that many of us have make it fun and worth it,” Gray said.

Gray’s main goals as of right now are to start doing research within the Winthrop academic community. However, she hopes that the future holds a spot for her within the cancer research.

“This type of research has always appealed to me because I have had several close family members develop cancer and I want to find a better way to treat it,” Gray said.



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