Jacob Wingard grew up in the rural part of the South Carolina in a small town known as Aiken, South Carolina. Graduating from South Aiken High School, he now attends Winthrop University, seeking a degree in the field of Mass Communications with a minor in political science.

Having always had a love of literature and writing, he is currently pursuing his goal of becoming a published author; as a journalist though, he enjoys watching events unfold and providing information to the masses. Currently the Opinion Editor for the Johnsonian for Winthrop University, Jacob presents views on controversial topics like Religion, Abortion, Politics and other matters that relate to students.

Student body reluctant to change

Winthrop has some serious issues. No, I’m not talking about the food or any of the other complaints that students make a fuss about. Those are utter trivialities that strangle out the real issues:...

Convocation 2014-1408251067-Print

Convocation: A Patch of Blue

“Be a nerd,” those words by Dr. John Bird, at Winthrop’s annual convocation were met with laughter and then rampant applause.  As Winthrop’s Class of 2018 were inducted into the folds of the...