Andy the Door Bum


Andy the Bum is set to perfom on Scholar’s Walk this Friday. Photo Courtesy of Jacob Hallex • hallexj@mytjnow.com

Andy the Door Bum has a phrase he came up with and lives his life by: “Life is a war. Art is the war. Create or perish.”

Andy is a performance artist in Charlotte, N.C. and will be performing at the Arts Crawl on Scholar’s Walk this Friday.

“I want everyone to present art without fear. People should say, ‘These are my innermost feelings, whether you like it or not,’” Andy said. “Be shameless in the art you put into the world.”

Andy believes everyone is an artist because even just being an individual is art. To him, the art is representing yourself.

“It is through the creation of art that we sustain as humans,” Andy said.

Andy said his goal with art is to get other people’s attention and “as the flower blossoms, show them things are not always what they thought originally.”



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  1. Toronto fan
    Jul 30, 2013 - 11:41 PM

    I saw them play last week by chance (at a sushi bar a friend-of-a-friend’s band was playing at).

    Andy’s got so much soul it’s incredible. He plays and sings straight from his heart and the accompaniment couldn’t be better. They’ve got an original sound that feels somewhat familiar; a testament to human individualism. All the guys are friendly and easy to talk to and they’re definitely worth checking out.

    Also, I think what he said was “Life is a war, art is the weapon. Create or perish.”

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