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David LaMotte: World Changing 101: Challenging the Myth of Powerlessness

“So many people are immobilized by their belief in limitations that don’t exist. Don’t be one of them” Said David LaMotte On Jan. 23, Peace Advocate David LaMotte brought a powerful message of truth to Winthrop campus regarding activism—what  it is, what it is not and what it must be to bring change to the […]

Imitation, the highest form of flattery

Bureaucrats and dignitaries from all corners of the earth will come together at the U.N. headquarters in New York to debate on issues that the world is facing on Oct. 24 for United Nations Day, which celebrates the day the U.N. was officially created in 1945. The problems debated range from protecting the environment to […]

Audit reveals discrepancies from Courtyard construction

The Winthrop administration is contesting an audit by the state of South Carolina. A recent procurement audit of Winthrop University brought to light three specific issues.  It also set a precedent for the future construction of buildings used by a university and their students. The audit, covering 2007-2010, was a procurement audit.  That reviews purchases […]

Kappa Sigma hosts MS event

Kappa Sigma Fraternity hosted the event an emotional event this past Friday about living with a disability. Kristen Kull, an adjunct instructor of chemistry at Winthrop, spoke at the event as well as Rock Hill native Sue Bleau in order to raise awareness about muscular sclerosis and discuss their own personal battles with the disease. […]

Professors lament religious restrictions in the classroom

Theology is a dangerous topic in most settings; however, for public schools, it is a line of thought that can cost them their jobs. Professors Jennifer Belk and Dave Vawter discussed the difficulties of these limitations, along with their personal testimonies during “What I can’t say in the classroom.” Freedom of religion and the separation […]

Terms Of Use

The Johnsonian web site terms of use 1. Introduction. (A) Governing Terms. This web site, including the features and services available from the site such as RSS feeds, podcasts, and embeddable video, is an interactive on-line service operated by The Johnsonian, Winthrop’s weekly student newspaper. These Terms of Service, along with any additional terms and […]