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Global Village brings the world to Winthrop as part of the Inauguration

On March 25 during common time, there was a Global Village event showcasing international students’ home countries. The event took place at the West Center. It was sponsored by the University College, the College of Business Administration and International Center. It was part of the monumental events celebrating the inauguration of President Comstock. There were […]

International students of the week

This week’s international student is Han-Hua Hsu from Taiwan, Republic of China. She is a sophomore biology major and chemistry minor with a concentration in biomedical research and pre-medical. “I had a dream to come to American when I was young, and I believed that the U.S. would further promote my goals and achievements in […]

York Technical College embarks on new academic year as part of innaugural Winthrop Bridge Program

Fall 2013, Winthrop University and York Technical College came together to form a bridge program for students. This program offers students a chance to start their education at York Tech earning an associate’s degree after two years before transferring to Winthrop to complete a four-year degree. In addition, participants of this program will get to […]

International students taste new cultures at food festival

On Friday at 5 p.m., we met Mrs. LeAnn Lowrey at Dinkins, bubbling with energy. She was eager to take us to the RHIFF (Rock Hill International Food Festival) to save us the boredom of being locked up on campus. After all, that’s part of the malaise of being an international student—you seldom leave the […]

The Suite Life on Deck

The Suite Life on Deck

Adventure tastes like the sea: warm, salty and mysterious. Adventure comes in many different forms and one specific opportunity is only available for college students. This opportunity is the experience of studying abroad. As more students are gaining the help that they need in order to afford college, they are finding opportunities to travel the […]

Columnist explores religious experience

Columnist explores religious experience

Last Friday evening, the Baptist Collegiate Ministry opened its doors to Winthrop’s international students for a blessed meal during a friendship dinner. With nametags from all corners of the world, we sat down and listened to a welcome speech by one of the hosts. Bathed by the soft light, he looked fatherly. He told us […]

Creating a new way of thinking on Winthrop’s campus

A relatively new organization, Students Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC), formed six years ago ,is making a conscious footprint on Winthrop’s campus. Twelve members strong, this mighty coalition is known for past projects such as the trash audit last spring semester. This project revealed that 50 percent of the material from the West Center, which is […]

Age should bring acquired tastes

My DVD shelf isn’t just a collection of art I enjoy.  It exists as its own separate story, telling the world where I was and what age I was when I liked this or that thing. In chronological order, my shelf went from “hilarious” parody shorts to violent action to ironic purchases to sickly sweet […]

Scholarship honors legacy of late student

Scholarship honors legacy of late student

Josephine Koster, by her own admission, has been around the academic block a few times. Koster has taught in academia for over 35 years and seen her fair share of students entering at Convocation and leaving at commencement. No one, she says, pushed her to delve even deeper into her own research than the “one […]

Taste of the World

Winthrop celebrates International Week

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